Shopping Cart Information

The City of Newark and California State Law requires businesses to collect their shopping carts that are moved off of their site. Carts are being left on private property, across sidewalks and even in the streets posing potential public safety concerns.

Carts are required to have a sign attached to the cart identifying the business name, the procedure for authorized removal, notification that it is illegal to remove without authorization and a valid telephone number or address of the contact for retrieval (California Business and Professional Code, Sections 22435.1 and 22435.2).

Carts should be retrieved from the neighborhood by the owner daily and some businesses are required to collect hourly.

State law allows the City to collect carts that are a hazard. As time allows, staff tries to pick up carts as they travel from work sites, but this is not enough to collect all the stray carts.

How can you help?

If you see a shopping cart left off site of the store, use the following numbers to call the store for retrieval:

99 Ranch Market  792-1899 Lion Market  742-8179
Big Lots  713-0735 Mi Pueblo  456-7811
Burlington  791-3130 Newark Grocery Outlet  791-5124
CVS  796-4050 Raley's  797-1148
Dollar Tree  794-2846 Safeway  713-3180
Food Maxx  438-5968 Sears  713-3928
Home Depot  494-1205







Thank you for helping keep our City safe and beautiful!