The California Legislature has declared early attainment of a decent home and a satisfactory living environment for all Californians a high priority (Health and Safety Code, Section 5002). To help attain this goal, all local governments are required by the legislature to adopt and periodically update a housing element as part of their general plans. Housing elements set forth the city’s plan for providing housing.  Newark’s updated housing element was adopted in early 2010 and has been certified by the California Department of Housing and Community Development as meeting all state requirements.  The links below will bring you to Newark's current housing element:

Housing Element

Housing Element Map 

In 2008, residents and business owners participated in a several community meetings about housing in the Old Town neighborhood of Newark.  This process resulted in the Old Town Infill Housing Study.  The link below will bring you to that document:

Old Town Infill Housing Study 


If you are looking for affordable housing, housing for senior citizens or people with disabilities, you can call 211 for free information about resources in Newark and throughout Alameda County. 


Newark does not currently have any city-run rental housing programs. At times, affordable rental units may be provided through the city’s inclusionary housing program. Information will be posted on this website when units are available. Several other organizations do provide assistance to Newark residents, however. Click here for a list and contact information.

ECHO Housing provides fair housing services and tenant/landlord counseling and mediation to Newark residents. Renters who believe that they have been discriminated against in the housing market or who need assistance for a dispute with their landlord can contact ECHO at (510) 581-9380.


First-time homebuyers in Newark may be able to take advantage of the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program, which provides a federal income tax credit to qualifying households so that they will have more money to spend on housing.  Information on this program is available at    http://www.acgov.org/cda/hcd/mcc_program/index.htm or can be obtained by calling 510-670-5799.

The State of California offers several programs to help first-time homebuyers, including low-interest mortgages and down payment assistance.  Special mortgages are also available for eligible teachers, administrators and staff who teach in priority schools.  More information is available at http://www.calhfa.ca.gov and at 1-877-922-5432.

The City of Newark does not directly build or sell housing. At times, affordable units may become available through the city’s inclusionary housing program. Information will be posted on this website when units are available.


Low-income homeowners may be able to participate in the Emergency Minor Home Repair Program or Rehabilitation Loan Program for their owner-occupied residences. The Minor Home Repair Program is meant to correct immediate threats to the health and safety of homeowners, such as replacing water heaters or smoke detectors, or repairing minor plumbing or electrical problems. The Rehabilitation Program addresses larger repairs and improvements, such as repairing roofs or termite damage, or replacing a furnace or electrical system. Both programs are administered by Alameda County. For more information, call 510-670-5398.

For help avoiding foreclosure, the following Federal government websites may have useful information:

HUD’s Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure www.hud.gov/foreclosure/index.cfm

Making Home Affordable Program   http://www.makinghomeaffordable.gov/

Keep Your Home California Programs is a free service for homeowners who have suffered a financial hardship, to help them stay in their homes, maintain an affordable mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure. http://www.keepyourhomecalifornia.org/index.htm


The City of Newark has an inclusionary housing ordinance that requires at least 15% of the units in all new residential projects to be made available as below market rate housing. This ordinance is codified in Chapter 17.18 of the Municipal Code. To help with implementation of this program, staff has prepared a worksheet developers can use to determine the number of units that would be required in each income category. Click here for that worksheet.

Maximum prices for inclusionary units are calculated based on the California Department of Housing and Community Development’s annually adjusted income limits.


The Alameda County Rental Rehabilitation Loan Program provides low interest loans to owners of multifamily buildings for rehabilitation and construction improvements if the buildings meet certain requirements. The main objectives of the program are to eliminate substandard housing conditions, create and maintain affordable housing and bring properties into conformance with the County’s Residential Rehabilitation Standards. Click here for more information about this program.

ECHO Housing provides fair housing services and tenant/landlord counseling and mediation for Newark. Landlords who need assistance with a dispute with a tenant can contact ECHO at (510) 581-9380.