Maintenance Division

MISSION: To provide and maintain the most desirable environment for the community.

The Maintenance Division provides services to Newark residents and employees. These services allow everyone to use the City assets in a safe and functional manner.

A lot of people only think about these services when they have a problem; a park restroom is not functioning, there is a pothole in the street or a tree branch has fallen.  But there is a lot more to maintenance than responding to noticeable issues.  Our dedicated staff keeps those types of incidents few and far between by proactively performing preventative maintenance on our assets.  This type of maintenance prolongs the life of the assets, reduces problems and keeps the City running smoothly. The division is divided into four sections: Building Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Landscape and Parks Maintenance and Street Maintenance.  For more detail about a specific type of asset, click on the section name to the left or contact us using the information shown on this page.

The Maintenance Division maintains all of the City of Newark’s assets. Assets include:

  • over 212,000 square feet of buildings
  • 190 vehicles and pieces of equipment, including Police and Fire vehicles
  • 156 acres of parks and landscape
  • 104 centerline miles of streets.

As part of the Maintenance Division's commitment to supporting a healthy environment, the City of Newark has adopted an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy.  This IPM policy includes specific requirements to observe an IPM pest control hierarchy and to implement Best Management Practices for the control or management of pests and disease in and around City buildings and facilities, parks and urban landscape areas, rights-of-way, and other City properties.

Several years ago the Maintenance Division also became actively involved in energy efficiency issues through the management of utility costs. This involvement in energy efficiency led to Maintenance acting as the lead on the Climate Action Plan for the City.

Location and Hours of Operation

37440 Filbert Street
Newark, CA 94560

Office Hours
Monday through Thursday                                         8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Alternating Friday's                                                    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM & 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Please note:  City offices are closed every other Friday
(check City calendar for exact closure dates)

Contact Information
Telephone:  (510) 578-4806
Fax:  (510) 578-4899

Division Head - Robert Costa, Maintenance Superintendent