Requesting an Inspection

After the Building Permit has been issued, you will need obtain the required inspections.

To request an inspection, please call (510) 578-4261 at least one day prior to the day you want the inspection. If no one is available to take your request, please leave a message with the following information (incomplete information may result in the delay of scheduling your inspection):

  • Project address
  • Permit number (located on your permit copy) - the permit number will be in the following format: PREFIX YEAR-NUMBER (Example: SFD2017-0001)
  • Your name and phone number
  • The day you want the inspection to occur
  • Whether you want the inspection in the A.M. (8:40am-12pm) or P.M. (1pm-4:30pm)

A Building Inspection staff person will call you back to confirm your inspection request.

If you are a developer and are in need of multiple inspections, fill out the multi-inspections request form and email to