Permits, Licenses & Information

Having a Party!

Both your neighbors and the Police Department recognize your right to have a social gathering or party. Everyone's expectations are:

  • The gathering will be peaceful and law abiding
  • Music or noise will not be disturbing
  • The gathering will end without disturbance

If it is your gathering or party, naturally you are responsible for controlling it. If it becomes necessary to legally ensure the peace, it becomes a Police Department responsibility. It has been the experience of the Police Department that most gatherings come and go without the need for police attention. Unfortunately, it has also been our experience that some gatherings do require our attention. The Police Department will become involved when:

  • Neighbors complain to us of excessive noise, illegal-parking damage to their property, or other unusual activities
  • A Police Officer on patrol observes the same sorts of activity
  • You call because the gathering has gone beyond your ability to control. If this occurs, please don't hesitate to call us. We can help you bring it back under control or close it without the need for enforcement action

We do not want to take such action

We would prefer you bring your gathering back under control without the need for further police involvement. We hope you understand our duty to balance your right to enjoy a good time against your neighbor's right to a peaceful and secure existence.