Newark General Plan

What is a General Plan?

The Newark General Plan is a comprehensive statement of the goals, policies, and actions that will guide future growth and conservation in the city. It provides a vision for Newark’s future and a strategy for achieving that vision. The Plan is intended to help Newark respond to changes in technology, transportation, demographics, the environment, and the economy during the coming decades. It strives to preserve the things that matter the most to Newark residents while proactively shaping the city’s future.

The General Plan is long-range, looking 20 to 25 years forward. The Plan contains Newark’s official policies on land use, transportation, housing, natural resources, parks, environmental hazards, economic development, public health, and community services. It also addresses Newark’s relationship to the rest of the Bay Area. While the Plan’s focus is local, it addresses an array of issues that extend beyond City boundaries.

The General Plan is used by the Planning Commission and City Council to evaluate proposed land use changes and local budget decisions. It is also used by City staff to evaluate development proposals and structure the delivery of local services. It can also be used by private citizens to make investment decisions and to understand the City’s plans for different areas.

Newark's General Plan was adopted in December 2013.

General Plan

Housing Element  (2015-2023)

Land Use Diagram

Judgment Regarding Area 3 and 4's relationship to the General Plan EIR

 General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

 Draft Environmental Impact Report addressing the General Plan.

 Final Environmental Impact Report  containing responses to comments and revisions.

These documents are also available for review at the Newark Library and at the Community Development Department Office.