Volunteer of the Year

The Viola Blythe Awards Program honors local volunteers as part of the the City's annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. Nomination Forms are due by February 28, 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Harrington at sheila.harrington@newark.org or 510-578-4266.

Nomination Form



General Criteria:

Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Candidates must have made contributions directly affecting the lives of Newark citizens, but candidates need not be residents of the City.

2. Candidates must not have monetary nor personal gain as objectives in obtaining goals.

3. Service recognized will be for a 12-month period preceding the awards nomination period (i.e., January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017).

4. Applications for all categories other than the Group Award must be a nomination for one person only.

5. Any nominated organizations must be based in the City of Newark and serve the citizens of Newark.  Individual nominees may be associated with any Newark-based volunteer or non-profit organization, but membership with an organization is not a requirement of eligibility.

6. Service recognized will benefit the community and will be of an outstanding nature.

7. Service will be non-compensable and will show dedication to the City of Newark.

8. Winners in the previous two years are not eligible for nomination.

Representative Areas of Volunteerism:

Recognition may be for, but will not be limited to, service in one or more of the following areas:

1. Community enrichment - contribution to the positive growth, progress, improved image and/or economic improvement of the City.

2. Cultural - contribution to the betterment of the arts, historical preservation, attainment of knowledge or awareness of ethnic heritage.

3. Educational - contribution to the students of Newark or to the educational system which will directly or indirectly influence the educational awareness and achievement of students.

4. Industrial - contribution toward the improvement of the industrial/business community in such a way as to benefit the City (e.g., through Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

5. Political - contribution toward the improvement of civic activities and public/political relationships.

6. Recreational - contribution toward the improvement of public, sports or physical fitness programs within the City.

7. Social - contribution toward the improvement of the status of citizens through social programs.


Award Eligibility:

There will be up to four awards granted each year.  Candidates will be eligible for an award in one of the following categories:

1. Viola Blythe - outstanding contribution in any area of volunteerism by individuals serving the needs of Newark’s citizens.

2. Group - contribution in any area of volunteerism by organizations based in the City of Newark and serving Newark citizens.

3. Senior - contribution in any area of volunteerism by individuals 65 years and over.

4. Youth - contribution in any area of volunteerism by individuals 12 to 17 years.